PD Link Northwest

Are you a person with Parkinson's who would like to talk to someone who has "walked in your shoes?"

PD Link Northwest is a group of volunteers who either have Parkinson’s or are caring for someone with Parkinson’s. They are available to connect with you via phone or email. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have lived with PD for many years, you may find it helpful to speak to someone who lives with Parkinson’s everyday – just like you.

How does PD Link Northwest work?

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation connects volunteers living with Parkinson’s to others in similar situations. As much as possible, we will introduce you to a volunteer who has had a similar experience with Parkinson’s. We also consider your age, how long you have had Parkinson’s, and other interests, when making a connection.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is contact the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation. We will talk to you about your experience with Parkinson’s and obtain some basic information about you. A PD Link Northwest volunteer will arrange to connect with you by phone or email.

Contact Dr. Marci Nemhauser

206-946-6517 or email her at Dr.Marci@nwpf.org.

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