Prescription Assistance

NW Parkinson’s understands that living with Parkinson’s impacts every aspect of life, not least of all, your finances. The high costs of medical care, rehabilitative and mental health care, exercise and wellness, caregiving, home and auto modifications, and durable medical equipment can leave you feeling concerned about your current and future financial picture.


We know many people affected by Parkinson’s struggle with the budgetary impact of medications. Every day at NW Parkinson’s we work with people to identify sources of prescription financial assistance, so no one has to choose between basic necessities and filling a prescription to manage their Parkinson’s. In addition, NW Parkinson’s has partnered with:

A nationwide clearinghouse for prescription assistance and patient savings programs. can be your go-to-resource for patient savings programs.

Use this Discount Card for help with medication cost reduction.

Download their iPhone or Android app for the discount card.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to NW Parkinson’s for personalized resource navigation across all areas of life impacted by Parkinson’s. Locating prescription assistance is just one example of how we can help. Our goal is to partner with you on all issues, big or small, related to your Parkinson’s journey! 

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