Connect with a Social Worker

Contact Dr. Marci Nemhauser at
206-946-6517 or

Northwest Parkinson’s aims to fill in the gaps between neurology visits by providing support for People with Parkinson’s, Caregivers, Family members, and Providers in Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. Social Work is available to provide PD related education and resources or simply lend a listening ear. We offer:

  • 1 to 1 phone consultations to navigate life with Parkinson’s and caring for someone with Parkinson’s. During these consultations we can go over a range of resources from Support Groups, in-home care, placement advisory referrals, Neurology/MDS referrals, financial assistance resources, online and local movement/fitness programs, among others.
  • How to get connected to our free online programs
  • Sign up for The Weekly Newsletter for the latest in PD
  • Support Groups. NWPF runs a few different support groups for Carepartners, Adult Children, and Lay Facilitators of PD Support Groups. We also keep a listing of Support Groups in each of the 4 states we service.
  • HOPE Kits. We can mail out resource folders that contain localized resources for the newly diagnosed.

Our goal is to partner with you on all issues, big or small, related to your Parkinson’s journey!

"It feels good not to be alone."

Mary -

Support Group Attendee - Seattle, WA