Meet the Expert Series

We invite you to join us for our FREE monthly session offering an expert answer questions that you have in their field. New speakers every month on different topics, from a Naturopathic Physician to a Neurologist. 

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New speakers are in the works... stayed tuned.

February 5, 2024 – 10:00 AM PT

Meet the Expert Topic:
Jennifer Gryniewicz 

Time for You Fitness, LLC

Join Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation and Jennifer Gryniewicz, Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Coach and Owner of Time for You Fitness, LLC to learn more about how making small adjustments to diet and lifestyle can have BIG IMPACT on managing Parkinson’s Disease. Hear about her upcoming class and how you can improve your health and mood, have more energy, and look and feel
your BEST!

This “Meet the Expert” session will introduce you to this upcoming class:
“The Role of Nutrition in Managing Parkinson’s Disease”
Mondays 10 am – 11:15 AM PT
February 12th – April 8th

The Role of Nutrition

“The Role of Nutrition in Managing Parkinson’s Disease” is an 8-week program designed to provide participants with the education and tools necessary to make sustainable changes to their diets in order to manage Parkinson’s symptoms as well as live an overall healthy lifestyle.


Participants will learn how specific diet modifications can help manage Parkinson’s symptoms. Each week we will focus on a different topic including nutrition, goal setting, and meal planning. Participants will be given relevant tools each week and asked to set weekly goals related to that week’s topic.

February 15, 2024 – 2:00 PM PT

Meet the Expert Topic:
Dr. Nate Coomer, PT, DPT, NCS

“Feeling a little off center lately?”

Join Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation and Dr. Nate Coomer, Physical Therapist, Owner and Founder of the Parkinson’s Fitness Project for a discussion on posture
and PD.

Feeling a little off center? A stooping, bending or leaning posture can be common in Parkinson’s Disease. In this talk we will discuss the reasons why posture can be affected by PD, the most common postural changes and how physical therapists can help treat these issues. There will also be a demonstration of some simple exercises attendees can use at home to keep you on the straight and narrow!

January 24, 2024 – 11:00 AM PT

Meet the Expert Topic:
Judi Spencer, Music Director


In Partnership with NWPF, Judi Spencer, Music Director for the World Parkinson’s Coalition offers 2 classes for people living with Parkinson’s Disease: Tremolo Singing and Victory Drumming.

Join us to learn about the immeasurable health benefits these two FREE online classes offer. Hear from a longstanding class participant how both singing and drumming has improved their PD symptoms and overall health and wellbeing.

Tremolo Singing

Singing can be both physically and emotionally invigorating, especially when practiced with others who share the same motivation and enthusiasm. Focus is on utilizing good breathing practice, louder voice volume and wider pitch range. We include stretching and posture activities, vocal exercises, rhythm, and movement. Research has shown that vocal exercise enhances voice volume, and that the presence of music and rhythm improves movement.

Victory Drumming will enhance the beat of the heart – the triumph of living each day with purpose – and the success of filling each day with encouraging upbeat rhythms!

Victory Drumming

Drumming is amazing for the brain! 
Drumming is ideal for the heart!
Drumming is astonishing for the soul!
Drumming is a marvelous way to place a smile on your face and a happy beat in your heart!!!

Numerous studies have shown that all types of drumming can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and enhance your immunity. Better yet, drumming makes you happy! Drumming releases endorphins in the brain, which are associated with general feelings of well-being and euphoria. So, let’s drum!!!