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Join NWPF and Doreen Nicholas, Speech-Language Pathologist with the Parkinson Voice Project. The PVP helps thousands of people with Parkinson’s regain and retain their voice, minimize swallowing problems, and stay connected with their families and friends.

December 12, 2023    11:00am

Meet the Expert Topic:
Doreen Nicholas, MS, MHPA, CCC-SLP 


Learn more about PVP’s rigorous SPEAK OUT!® program which provides research-based medical therapy through engaging activities that help those with Parkinson’s maintain a strong voice and healthy swallowing capabilities.


SPEAK OUT!® combines education, individual speech therapy, group speech therapy and consistent daily home practice. The goal is for people with Parkinson’s to regain and retain their speech and swallowing for a lifetime. Therapy can improve volume, voice quality, articulation, intonation, and breath support for speech. It can also make swallowing easier and safer. 

***Treatment can be provided in person in the Spokane area or on-line throughout the state of Washington at no charge.***

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