Communities of PD Excellence - Expert Speaker Series

Local experts from YOUR area are join us to bringing you information on topics from Psychology to Neurology, from Nutrition to Exercise, so that you have your community around you for support. 

Need assistance registering or have questions? Contact Kristine Pedigo at 360-305-8297 or ***After registration, you will receive an email confirmation with the zoom link to access this webinar to be used the day of the event***




Video Links

Week 1: Dr. Jason Aldred, MD 1/9/24

Topic: Learn how working with a movement disorder specialist can help you better understand and manage PD.


Week 2: Dr. Marci Nemhauser, PsyD 1/16/24

Topic: Learn how working with a social worker can help you with everyday living and quality of life.


Week 3: Dr. Sharon Hall, DPT, NCS 1/23/24

Topic: Learn about the PWR! program and how you can achieve more strength, balance, and agility.


Week 4: Linda Lee, Derek Torry and David Baumgart 1/31/24

Topic: Learn how you ARE Unstoppable! Immerse yourself in nature with guided day or overnight hiking tours designed to keep PwP active, fit, and feeling invigorated with LIFE!


Week 5: A.C. Woolnough and Sally Sullivan 2/6/24
Topic: Why participate with a PD Support Group? Boost mental, emotional, and social well-being; overcome hesitancy to be with others living with PD.


Week 6: Dr. Danielle Wald Baker, PsyD 2/13/24

Topic: Understand the role of a Neuropsychologist, how they help with patient candidacy for surgical therapy options, cognitive function, and overall brain health.


Week 7: Lindsay Williams, M.A., CCC-SLP 2/20/24

Topic: Speak with INTENT through the SpeakOUT! program designed for PwP from the Parkinson Voice Project.


Week 8: Jill Ciccarello 2/27/24 

Topic: Learn about current and upcoming clinical trials, patient candidacy, and how you can become involved.


Week 9: Dr. Karin Duncan, NMD
Dr. Laurie Mischley, ND, PhD, MPH 3/12/24

Topic: Discover how working with a Naturopath physician to make changes in diet and nutritional intake can help improve your health and lessen PD symptoms.


Week 10: Dr. Jonathan Carlson, MD 4/3/24

Topic: The ABCs of DBS. Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for PD, is it right for me?