Programs, Educational Events, and Fundraisers

This is just one of the amazing programs that are offered at no cost to our Parkinson’s Community. Some are ONLINE, where as others are IN-PERSON. For in-person class, check our Program Calender to see what is around you! There is wide offering of exercise classes and art programs. There is something for everyone.
Come join us.

Come see doctors, specialists, and other experts speak about the latest studies, research, and strategies of living at our HOPE in your Community conferences. Look for a Conference near you. There is no cost to attend, just register so that we can save you a space. We also offer our online Monthly MeetUps for Q&A Sessions. 

Here is where we need YOU! We rely on donations to be able to offer these crucial programs and speakers free of charge. So many people are touched by these programs in our Parkinson’s Community. It makes all the difference to be able to LIVE with PD. Fundraisers are scheduled through out the year. Let’s be there for our community!