August 2022 #2

Pass to Pass Continued

Irene reported in on Pass to Pass Trips 4 and 5 between White and Chinook passes. The llamas favorite part was the chance for a dust bath! The people enjoyed the beautiful weather, spectacular views, wildflower blooms, lakes warm enough to swim in, participating in the teamwork required for rough trails and managing llamas, and many great conversations on the trail and in camp. People shared their favorite exercises from programs they participate in, creating unique warm-ups for each day.

Irene Pasternak with llamas and Mt. Rainier in backdrop
Llama enjoying a dust bath

Unfortunately one participant became sick with Covid on Trip 5 and had to hike out early. We changed plans to do day hikes closer to the pass in case anyone else got sick, but all stayed healthy, and we had fun discovering new places.

Teamwork crossing the river

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