Powering Forward: Agility Boot Camp for People with Parkinson's

All programs listed are independent or sponsored by their host agency. This list is intended as a service to the Northwest Parkinson's community; NWPF does not manage or sponsor the programs listed (excpetions are noted).

Powering Forward Boot Camp for Parkinson's
Beaverton Hoop YMCA
9685 SW Harvest Court | Beaverton, OR
Contact: Vickey Foster at 503.608.3124 or vfoster@ymcacw.org



Powering Forward Boot Camp for Parkinson's
Sherwood Family YMCA
23000 SW Pacific Hway | Sherwood, OR
Contact: Renee Brouse at 503.862.4010 or rbrouse@ymcacw.org


Power Forward Boot Camp for Parkinson’s Disease
North Seattle
Mondays, 4-5 p.m. 
Wednesdays, 6-7 p.m.
Contact: France at Remix Workouts at info@RemixWorkouts.com or 206.367.4896
*$120/monthly or & $20/Drop-in
*Free intro to class
*Please fill out the Balance Confidence Survey BEFORE attending a class. *More info at http://www.remixworkouts.com/parkinsons.html

Powering Forward Boot Camp for Parkinson's
Clark County Family YMCA
11324 NE 51st Circle | Vancouver, WA
Contact: Eddie White at 360.885.9622 or ewhite@ymcacw.org
*Powering Forward is sponsored by the Brian Grant Foundation. Contact Kimberly Berg at  kimberly@briangrant.org or 503.4071335