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HOPE Conference®

Bellingham, WA



HOPE Conference®

Spokane, WA


HOPE Conference®

Bellevue, WA



HOPE Conference®

Kalispell, MT


HOPE Conference®

Bellevue, WA


HOPE Conference®

Bellevue, WA


Parkinson's & Perseverance: The Amazing Race - Tim Hague Sr.

The Placebo Effect: What You Expect is What You Get - A. Jon Stoessl, MD

Food for Thought: Diet, Nutrition & the Future of PD - Laurie Mischley, MD, MPH

Washington State Parkinson's Disease Registry - Sarah Heniges

Music Therapy for Parkinson's Disease - Megumi Azekawa, MM, MT-BC

Wiring Well-Being: The Power to Thrive - Bartja Wachtel, MSW, LICSW, MPH, CMHS


Welcome & Opening Remarks
The Rhythm of Movement in Parkinson's Disease
- Helen Bronte-Stewart, MD, MSE, FAAN

A Pather to Hope: From Daughter to Caretaker to Advocate - Anne Udall, PhD, NWEA

Parkinson's Research: Get Invovled - Sarah Heniges

Parkinson's & Relationships: Just the Three of Us - Paul Short, PhD. The Parkinson's Coach

The Power of Movement - Laurel Beck, PT, MS, MCS



An Astronaut's Journey with Parkinson's Disease - Rich Clifford, Retired NASA Astronaut

Stem Cell Transplantation & other New Treatments for Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Curt Freed

Parkinson's Research: Get Involved - Marne Baca

Earlier Parkinson's Stages: Panel Session - Dr. Jennifer Witt & Sally Friedman, MA

Later Parkinson's Stages: Panel Session - Dr. Lissa Brod & Carin Mack, MSW

The Power of Exercise - Ann Zylstra, PT



Keynote Address: Why Me? - Jim Marsh

Parkinson's Research Update - Dr. Cyrus Zebatian

Dance for Parkinson's Disease: The Benefits of Dancing with Parkinson's

Preventing Burnout: Strategies for Patients, Caregivers and Families - Dr. Kristoffer Rhoads

New Treatment in the Pipeline for Parkinson's Patients - Dr. Mike Kim


Is Exercise Medicine for Parkinson's - Dr. Jay Alberts

Wellness Choices for the Brain - Dr. Monique Giroux

Homemade Hope: How to Thrive Today with Parkinson's Disease - Peter Dunlap-Shohl

Music is Exercise for the Parkinson's Brain - Dr. Matt Ford, PhD, PT


Update on Parkinson's Disease Research - Dr. William Langston

Beyond Perscriptions and Surgery: What Role does Alternative Medicine Play - Dr. Laura Mischley

Second Chances - Dr. Robert Wu

Chicken Soup and the Role of Medications - Dr. Stephen Setter

Sleep Disorders in Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Susie Ro

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Panel: Making Your Medicines Work for You - Dr. Pinky Agarwal, Dr. Laura Mischley and Leo Norfleet, PT, BCAT

Relationships & PD - Jennifer Van Wey, Psy.D.

Dopamine Replacement Therapies (Keynote Address) - Dr. Anthony Santiago

Dance for Parkinson's Disease (Demonstration) - Dr. Lynda LeBlanc

What's So Funny about Parkinson's - Peter Dunlap-Shohl

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Mindfulness Management for Chronic Symptoms - Jan Fite, PhD

The Power of the Mind - Dr. A. Jon Stoessl