NWPF Conferences

NW Parkinson's hosts educational and inspirational conferences for the Northwest Parkinson's community each year, including What to Expect and the flagship HOPE Conference®. Our conferences feature national experts and highlight advances in research, care and treatment; introduce health and wellness practices to enhance clinical care outcomes; inspire through personal examples and testimony; and provide the opportunity to learn about essential products and services available to help manage the challenge of living well with Parkinson's disease.

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Upcoming conferences and programs

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HOPE Conference

The Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation presents an educational symposium focusing on Hope for patients, family, friends and caregivers. HOPE Conference® occurs annually in the Seattle area.

HOPE Conference


2017 HOPE Conference
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2016 HOPE Conference
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2016 HOPE Montana Conference
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2015 HOPE Conference
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2009 - 2014 HOPE Conferences
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What to expect

Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease within the last two years? What to Expect gives an overview of how to best manage your Parkinson's, including medications and rehab therapies with ample time for Q&A. 

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Moving conference

Wear your sneakers! The Moving Conference is all about moving your body to live your best quality of life. 

Experts weigh in on the neuroprotective benefits of movement and exercise. Enjoy lots of opportunities to try out new forms of evidence-based movement strategies and get good tips from people just like you.

People with Parkinson's will enjoy an array of exercise programs focusing directly on PD symptom management.

Meanwhile, carepartners will learn strategies to care for themselves and their loved one with Parkinson's. 

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LIVING with Parkinson's Conference

The Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation's annual educational conference for Parkinson patients, families, caregivers and friends. LIVING with Parkinson's Conference, alternating locations between Spokane, WA and Boise, ID.