Family Funds

The Northwest Parkinson's Foundation Family Fund program is designed for people who wish to pay special tribute to a person with Parkinson’s who has touched their lives in a meaningful way. 

Family Funds: $2,500 and above 

Family members and friends can create a Family Fund in honor of a loved one with a minimum donation of $2,500. Donations to a Family Fund can be designated for a specific program of the NW Parkinson's or used to support our general operating fund. To make a gift to one of the Family Funds, write the name of the fund on a NW Parkinson's gift envelope or make a notation on the memo line of a check or online donation. Families are welcome to choose how the fund is listed in our contributor lists, with the suggested format of <First Name Last Name> Family Fund.

Once we receive your information, we will send you a letter confirming the creation of the fund and will provide you with an annual summary of donations to the fund after December 31 of each year. We will also list recent contributions to the fund in the Parkinson's Post and permanently list all contributions to the fund on the Family Funds page of the NW Parkinson's website.

Contact: Pamela Reeve, Community Stewardship Officer, at pam@nwpf.org or 206.946.6518 if you have questions or want to learn more about setting up a Family Fund with the NW Parkinson's.

Currently Established Family Funds

Mary A. Mitchell Memorial Fund

Mel Bacher Family Fund

Margaret (Martie) Philbrick Family Fund

Tina Bell Torrance Family Fund

Alvord Medical Director Fund in memory of Roger Evans