July 2022 Father’s Day

Father’s Day Tribute

A Father and Daughter Fundraiser to support Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, a great-new idea!  Lesley Masin Grosvenor wanted to help raise funds for an organization that has been a valuable resource of services and socialization for her dad Bob Masin, who has Parkinson’s Disease.   Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over a year ago. He is totally dedicated to managing his disease through a rigorous exercise plan including Rock Steady Boxing 3 times a week, a personal trainer 2 times a week, physical therapy once a week and golf twice a week! He tries to join his wife Cindy on her group walks occasionally.

When Lesley got the news of her dad’s diagnosis she said, “It was shocking and sad but not so final that I was forced to say this is it.  I’ve always seen my parents as able to take care of themselves, but now I see that everyone is getting older.   Where did the time go!  We can’t plan for what’s next for my dad since no two diagnoses of Parkinson’s are the same.”  
Lesley is a highly creative businesswoman and entrepreneur.  She runs a very successful online business called Sheer Gear, designing and manufacturing transparent stadium handbags, totes, and purses.  
Lesley and her friend Crystal Kung Minkoff took their skills to the exercise mat, literally, to come up with a great fundraising idea!  Every week Lesley and several of her friends meet in a hosted backyard to do a dedicated 45-minute workout class with Katie Viera’s Backyard Booty Club.  So why not host a workout class with 30 of their closest friends and raise money for a non-profit at the same time?  A non-profit like Northwest Parkinson’s which helps so many families that have been impacted by Parkinson’s.  Each guest contributed a minimum donation to NW Parkinson’s Foundation and a good time was had by all!