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The Weekly 11.30.21

“How Not to Lose Sleep Over Parkinson’s Disease”

Parkinson’s Life

To ensure we get a good night’s sleep, the human body has an internal alarm clock that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Keeping to a regular night-time routine, creating an ideal sleeping environment and getting into healthy habits during the day can all help you develop good sleep hygiene.

Brian Magennis, an advanced…

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Parkinson Pete Reviews ‘Advice from a Parkinson’s Wife’ by Barbara Sheklin Davis

The Burdens of Being a Parkinson’s Caregiver: A Book-Review Essay by Peter G. Beidler Barbara Sheklin Davis, Advice from a Parkinson’s Wife: Twenty Lessons Learned the Hard Way.Colorado Springs, CO: Parker Hayden Media, 2019. xi + 101 pp. IN THEIR 2020 BOOK Ending Parkinson’s Disease, Drs. Dorsey, et al., wisely remind us that Parkinson’s is a monumentally debilitating disease not only for the unlucky man or woman…

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