Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center

On July 3rd of 2000, the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation and Evergreen Hospital Medical Center opened the Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center in Kirkland, Washington under the guidance of Dr. Monique Giroux a leader in Parkinson's patient centered care.

You can learn more about the services of the Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center through a special edition of our free newsletter, The Parkinson's Post. The special edition can be found here.

The Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center is now one of many in the Northwest dedicated to helping patients, families, and caregivers deal with Parkinson's and a number of related movement disorders. 

Parkinson's Disease Patient Care

Parkinson's Disease has a unique impact on each individual and family. Symptoms are complex and they vary from patient to patient. With a multidisciplinary program, it is easy to tailor the care to the individual patient.

The Northwest Parkinson's Foundation encourages all patients to seek the best care for themselves and their families. NWPF's Wellness Center provides helpful tips and information from Dr. Monique Giroux designed to help you get the most out of your medical care. Visit the Making the Most of Your Care section of the Wellness Center for more information on rehabilitation, organizing your medical care and how to build your medical care team.

More questions?
Call the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation toll free at 877.980.7500 or visit the Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center website here.