About Us

At Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, our goal is to partner with all people impacted by Parkinson’s.  

NW Parkinson’s is local and independent in contrast to the overcrowded national landscape of Parkinson’s organizations. All funds raised in the Northwest stay here to meet the needs of our communities – from Alaska to Washington, Idaho, and Montana. We have developed a complementary avenue to the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s extensive research programs by filling the gaps for people living with Parkinson’s in the Northwest until a cure is found. 

As a small, grassroots nonprofit, NW Parkinson’s relies on community input to guide programmatic decisions and community need to guide advocacy work. Our programs team curates localized Parkinson’s education, movement, voice, and mindfulness offerings. Our social work team provides personalized, tailored care consultations to individuals and families to help them navigate the challenges of life with Parkinson’s. These programs and services are 100% free and therefore accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay. 

Our team understands the culture, systems, and resources that shape the experience of our Parkinson’s community and utilizes this lived expertise to serve our constituents through relationship- and connection-building. We lift up local support groups and provide consultation to the medical and community-based professionals who also care for our community.

All funds donated to NW Parkinson’s are from those donors who believe in our purpose. We care deeply about who we serve. When you support NW Parkinson's, you keep us doing what we do best: helping those live from day to day with Parkinson’s. 

NW Parkinson's was founded in 1998 to bring Parkinson’s care to the Northwest. After several years of advocacy and fundraising, NW Parkinson's established the Booth Gardner Parkinson’s Care Clinic at Evergreen Health to improve the quality of life for patients and families living with Parkinson's. Today, we continue our work by the same dynamic principles: our founders began the Lifeline of Hope, so no one walks the Parkinson’s journey alone.