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Father’s Day Tribute

Father’s Day Tribute A Father and Daughter Fundraiser to support Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, a great-new idea!  Lesley Masin Grosvenor wanted to help raise funds for an organization that has been a valuable resource of services and socialization for her dad Bob Masin, who has Parkinson’s Disease.   Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over a year ago. He is totally dedicated to managing…

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The Weekly 06.28.22

Exercises for Trunk Rigidity Seen to Help Patients Safely Make Turns Parkinson’s News Today A four-week, task-specific exercise program done at home can improve turning ability and balance, and ease disease severity for people with early- to mid-stage Parkinson’s, a small study suggested. This Parkinson’s exercise program focuses explicitly on rotating those parts of the body most involved in turning….

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The Weekly 06.21.22

This Week’s Parkinson’s News Update Photo by Neil Soni on Unsplash App for Voice ‘Games’ May Aid At-home Speech Therapy Practice Parkinson’s News Today Researchers have proposed a set of voice exercise games to help speech quality in people with Parkinson’s disease, which licensed speech therapists found to be a generally feasible, promising approach. If adopted in speech therapy routines, the games could…

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Keeping Parkinson’s in its Place

June 1, 2022 Keeping Parkinson’s in its Place Parkinson’s Disease seems to leave its fingerprints on every aspect of our lives. It affects our families, our jobs, the things we do in our leisure time, the way we spend our money, our plans for the future, our plans for dinner. It changes the way we experience the world through…

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