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2017 Team Parkinson's Walk

Saturday Jul 29, 2017
Magnuson Park, Seattle

Join us for this year’s annual Team Parkinson’s Walk! A beautiful, fun-filled day at Seattle’s Magnuson Park, on Saturday morning, July 29, 2017.

2017 Team Parkinson 's

Register now at TeamParkinsons.org!


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In Memorium: Tom Isaacs

Influential PWP* Tom Isaacs passed away on Wednesday, June 1. Tom was just 49, and had lived with Parkinson's for 22 years, never letting it slow his work or drive. He founded the UK's Cure Parkinson's Trust, Parkinson's Movement, and participated vigorously in every single World Parkinson Congress (WPC) since it launched in 2006. Tom spoke in Seattle at the 2015 HOPE Conference, and was one of our most popular, moving and hilarious speakers ever.

Read more about Tom in the WPC's excellent memorial here and about favorite memories of Tom here. Watch Tom's HOPE Conference presentation here.

From everyone at NWPF, Tom, you will be missed.

*Person with Parkinson's

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A Day in the Life of a Parkinson Warrior

Monday April 10, 2017

It’s been said that if you’ve met one person with Parkinson’s Disease, you’ve met one person with Parkinson’s. That’s because each person with PD presents differently—despite several common possible symptoms. There are at least five common motor symptoms of PD (including tremors, balance issues, slowness, freezing and dystonia [uncontrollable movements]) and well over fifteen non-motor symptoms. The number of possible combinations are immense... No wonder Parkinson’s is called a snowflake disease—every instance is unique.

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