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Art & Movement Symposium Tri-Cities

Friday Nov 02, 2018

Richland Community Center | 500 Amon Park Drive | Richland, WA 99352

Join us for a light-hearted and fun symposium for all folks impacted in the Parkinson's community!

Workshop Sessions will include:


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Sharing Our Stories

If you’ve met one person with Parkinson’s 
you’ve only met one person with Parkinson’s.
Inspired by this saying, NW Parkinson’s is launching a Fall Social Media Campaign called #MyParkinsons.
Through social media, we're highlighting just how unique everyone's experience is with Parkinson’s. This invites community members to participate across social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Keep an eye out for our #MyParkinsons posts every Thursday by following us @nwparkinsons, and share your own pictures and stories by typing #MyParkinsons into your posts!










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Baguette and Red

Friday October 19, 2018

"There is a group of people that do things for the right reasons. They may have no direct link to Parkinson’s or some other cause but choose to make a difference anyway. They’re known as volunteers and rarely get the recognition and plaudits they deserve. For them, that’s OK—that’s not why they give time and effort to help others. What follows is a story about two of these people—two volunteers that want to make a difference."

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