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5th Annual Celebrate! Dinner & Auction

Saturday Nov 18, 2017
Fremont Studios | 155 N 35th Street | Seattle, WA

A Dinner and Auction Celebrating 19 Years of Strengthening the Parkinson’s Community

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Volunteer with NWPF!

PD Link Volunteers Needed

PD Link is a peer-to-peer support program for the Parkinson's community. If you are a Person with Parkinson's or a Parkinson's Carepartner and would like to offer support to someone affected by Parkinson's, please let us know! NWPF staff will walk you through a training session and match you to a peer in need of support. The peer connection transpires via phone or email for at least 2-3 interactions. Here's what PD Link Volunteers have said about their experiences:

"To be able to talk with someone else who has PD and hear their experiences is a great help, service, and support. I wish I would have had that opportunity [when I was newly diagnosed.]"

"If I can help someone in some way - letting them know they are not alone - it may help them feel better."

"This program is such a vital one to those newly diagnosed with Parkinson's or Parkinson-like symptoms. I am glad to be a part of the support team!"

If you are interested in volunteering with PD Link or would just like to learn more, please contact Sarah Winter, NWPF Social Services Manager, at 206.946.6517 or sarah@nwpf.org.

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Parkinson's Pain by Proxy

Tuesday October 17, 2017

There is a moment familiar to most of you who have had Parkinson’s Disease for awhile. It’s the increment of time between the failure of every frantic effort you could make to avoid a fall, and the impact. It’s when you see the floor rising up to meet your accelerating mass, with nothing you can do to stop it. A moment that is given over to the message “This is going to hurt.” The only questions are how much, and how long.

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